Six beautiful things I know

A nice array of flowers, the moon in its majestic fullness,

The fresh breathe of a new day, the graceful occasion of being proposed to,

College graduation and the joy of your first-born.

These five are irresistible happiness

Falling in love, the thrill of fulfillment,

Helping an elder citizen, achieving a set goal,

And meeting a good old friend; catching up with the “old times”.

Merriment includes these four

The company of good friends, a familiar song

Slipping the wedding ring into your fingers and

Reminiscing childhood memories and fantasies.

The best of entertainment are enumerated as thus;

Watching a good movie, relaxing with a good book,

And listening to the laughter of children.

There is no encouragement and comfort

Like that derived from reading the Holy Scriptures,

And hearing the testimonies of those who have gone ahead.

This one tops it all……..There’s nowhere like the presence of God.

Regards, Gabriel.